• Image of Bathurst 1988. The Longhurst Sierra

The last of this Bathurst book series.

Book reviews the cars and drivers, the ATCC rounds, the Sandown 500 and the lead up to the race. Also includes the European Touring car scene.

The Johnson Sierras had dominated the year and were on the front grid row. 8 of the top 10 were Sierras.

There were lots of retirements with more than half the field DNF's.

Longhurst won a battle of attrition from the 3rd DJ/Shell and Colin Bond/Alan Jones Sierras.

PB was driving a BMW . . .Wow.

Great photos including some great colour double page photos.

Book is 1 kg so needs a 3 kg satchel at $14. Will take up to 3 books. Pick up is ok from Melbourne CBD.

Any excess postage charged will be refunded.